shanecooper (shanecooper) wrote in burning_man,

The Adam and Eve Project


My name is Shane Cooper, and I am a digital artist. I've just
started a very interesting new project called "The Adam and Eve
Project", and I'd really love to have your participation.

"The Adam and Eve Project" seeks to discover who emerges when
images of many people, of all types, are averaged together.

With this as the goal, I am looking for images from volunteers
who are interested in contributing to this exciting project.

To learn more about it, to follow it, and best of all, to
contribute to it - click here -

I'm looking for people of all ages, body types, and races.
Please forward widely to people you think would be interested.

I posted this here because I figured that some of you will be
interested in following this project, and contributing. You
might see this message turn up again in other places, as I'm
trying to reach the widest possible audience.
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