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I'm filing a missing persons report if he's not back by 9am PST...

My boyfriend was supposed to be back Monday afternoon; he ended up staying to help break down Hookah Dome and was supposed to be coming home with them on Tuesday. No one has heard from him since. No bank card activity, and he hasn't called in sick to work (he was supposed to be back at work TODAY) and he's going to be fired if they don't hear from him today.

I don't know any of the people he ended up staying with, and I don't have any contact info for them.

Tall, extremely thin black man with short dreads. Knowing him, he was wearing either blue knee-length cammo shorts or a sarong all week (odds are, it would be a blue sarong). His name is Michael Martin.

I'm filing a missing persons report this morning. We are seriously worried about him at home. If you have any information on this man, including a number or email addy where I can possibly contact someone who is still on the playa, please email me at tinquerbelle at nyc dot com or call me on my cell phone at 916.662.1242. I'd prefer you called me, because I won't be online all day.

If you know how to get ahold of anyone who might be involved with the Hookah Dome or know someone involved in event planning who might know whether he's been admitted to a local hospital, please let me know.

Thank you.
Courtney Moore
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