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I got back from the Playa early Tuesday morning... it's been a hard time adjusting being back in default world, I miss the desert with a fierce longing.

My Burning Man 2005 experience was both the best and worst year I've experienced on the playa. I had a relaxing vacation, a time of bonding with friends old and new, and some spiritual and emotional healing I was looking for..

But a couple of problems arose, and it's really hit me hard since coming back. A couple of very close friends from my camp got dosed on two separate occasions -- given drugs secreted in food without their knowledge. On Tuesday afternoon, one friend was given a cookie laced with pot by a random passerby. She didn't figure it out until it was too late. She had wanted to stay sober for various reasons and was really pissed off that this happened. On Friday night, another friend was given what we think was acid or a similar hallucinogen in some salsa, given to him by a random guy with a plate of them loaded on a cart. He was really upset because he wasn't sure what was happening to him until I caught up with him a little while later and talked it through with him. He trooped through it OK, but his fiancée was really upset (understandably).

I talked to friends and others about it when I was on the playa, and got a huge range of responses. Many expressed outrage, and were upset with me. But there were a few people who found both situations amusing, which made me feel a bit sick. Some people were very adamant about not taking food or drink from anyone you don't know or trust, but part of me feels that is just too militant.

So why did I post this? I suppose I am looking for a couple of things out of it...

-What motivates people to do things like this? I may be especially dense, but this is just something I cannot wrap my mind around.
-Has anyone from this community experienced or known anyone who has experienced dosing, either on or off playa... what has been your experience, and how have you faced it/gotten over it?
-What can I as a person/my friends as a group do to ensure that this kind of thing doesn't happen to anyone else?
-Am I making a mountain out of a molehill? Am I seeing a huge conspiracy because it happened to two people I know in one Burn? Or is this a real problem that needs dealing with?
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