The Digital Shutterbug (aryx) wrote in burning_man,
The Digital Shutterbug

Okay, people,
My last post was not meant to belittle or complain about the gate staff.
I had brought that up because I was pointing out that I was not looking as forward to going out to the Burn as I had in past years. During the drive out, I kept having my doubts. And then at the gate, getting treated the way I did because I accidently ended up in a closed lane doubled my doubts about being there.
However, I should point out that you are making excuses for the guy. I'm sorry, I don't buy it. He volunteered for that post, and part of the job is to confiscate fireworks, find counterfit tickets, and search for stowaways. If that's such a big burden to him, then he shouldn't be doing it. If he's that much of an ass doing something that he likes, I'd hate to see how he is in the mundane world at a regular job.

No, my point to the whole last post was that even with all of these things going on, and my continuing adamancy about this being my last burn, I found myself not spent yet. I have a strong suspicion that I will, indeed, return next year.

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