Harli Quinn (harliquinmayhem) wrote in burning_man,
Harli Quinn

Post BM in SF

I'm staying with my uncle in SF and don't really know anyone here.

I came from Austin, had a fantastic 1st Burning Man experience, and wanted to spend some time exploring the city before I go home (or possibly to L.A. if I can get a hold of the friends that I have there.

Did anybody else happen to make close friends with the guys who made the flower art mobile? You'd know what I'm talking about, but I accidentally stuck this guy's contact info in a bag in a bag that I put on the community truck back to Austin... I know, I'm a sod...

Anyway, I'm going exploring tomorrow, taking some public transit and checking out whatever I can.

I'm most interested in local art, cool coffee shops, a thrift store where I can find a cool coat, and maybe strolling the park for a while. I'm also interested in BDSMness, seeing a good show of some kind, music, whatever.
Anyone know where to go to hear the sort of stuff they had going on in the nine o'clock area? Those were mostly L.A. kids. I liked their sound.

I'd really like to meet other burners in this area.

I'm staying on the west side of town on Irving, which is three blocks south of the park, and not far from the ocean. I've been briefed on the transit system, but am unfamiliar with it...I'm not too worried.

Anyway, what's the skinny? Any groups getting together or anything?

Oh, and I'm not interested in the peace festival...damn hippies ;p
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