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Tips for next year?

This year was supposed to be my first burn but due to many unfortunate circumstances I did not make it. My travelling companions and I have made a vow to be there next year (I believe my exact words were: We have to go or I'll explode...). One of them has been before but the rest of us have not. My question to you, since you're all fresh off the playa, is what tips would you have for me? What did you wish you had? What did you bring but didn't need? Any advice for a first timer? Any tips on how to make sure it happens for me next year? Anything at all?

I also wanted to ask what the weather was like out there this year, I have yet to see anyone mention it in their posts.

Also wanted to add that all of your posts post-playa are making me all that much more sad that I didn't make it this year and twice as determined to be there next year.

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