Mr D (damian_zyzzyx) wrote in burning_man,
Mr D

Deja Vu?

Maybe I'm just thinking about this because I just finished listening to this week's "This American Life" which was all Hurricane Katrina survivor's tales, but...

Have any 2001 Burning Man attendees here felt the parallels with that year in terms of decompressing along with world events? 2001 was my first year at BRC and right up there with this one as my favorites (I've been four times now, took last year off). I remember floating on a high the whole week back, only to have those ecstatic feelings collide with the ones generated by September 11th, just a week or so after I got back. This time 'round, the disaster had already struck when I returned, but the realization of how many people have been lost, how much damage has been done and how badly the government screwed up the rescue and relief processes is just sinking in.

The thing I'm getting at is that then and now, I find my Burning Man experience once again a grounding and strengthening one. After living in a place that makes me inspired to (sorry for the military cliche, but I'll co-opt it) "be all I can be" for only a week, I think I can view this tragedy in the right frame of mind, without complete pessimism about the state of humanity today, because I know what it's like to live a place with like-minded folks. Burning Man ain't perfect, because it's made up of people, but it shows what kind of feelings can be generated if we all admit we agree about certain key ideals. Sorry to go all hippie on LJ about it, but just read through the bulk of the posts on this group--there's something positive going on. I just wish I could do more than just give to the Red Cross. After a week of doing, it's hard to sit still.

Anyone else experiencing the mix of feelings this decompression?

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