Our Lady of Perpetual Meanderings (twistedcat) wrote in burning_man,
Our Lady of Perpetual Meanderings

art project questions

i know it's probably a little early for most of you for me to be talking about an '06 art project, but this thing has already been in the planning since probably february of this year, so it's not too early for me.

i have run up against an issue on which i thought perhaps members of this community might have insight for me...

the project involves interactivity, essentially participants will be crawling (3 ft high ceilings) along a length of manufactured cave, in serpentine fashion, for about 17,160 feet.

it was pointed out to me that, no matter how far out in deep playa i put this, it would behoove me to put in emergency escape hatches and that, in fact, i may not get approved for placement if i choose not to do so.

i'm of the old school, you're risking your life and limb on the playa school of thought... and i will be posting warnings, although that only works if people read them.

realistically, how often do emergency exits need to be designed in? if anyone has had any practical experience with this issue in any form, i'd love your input...

ERRATA: turns out the length of the pathways is only going to be 1969'. i suck at math. keep the imput coming, though, it's helpful.
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