Dynamite with a lazerbeam (bohemianrapsody) wrote in burning_man,
Dynamite with a lazerbeam

There was a HUGE, half cone shaped white inflatable structure far out on the playa. The top had a black nub. There was one small opening; above it was a note stating the artists were busy at work and hoped to have it completed the following day; to have respect and be patient and not venture inside. However, the next day it was deflated. Does anyone know what happened to it??

On a different note, what was the most suprising thing you've seen at Burning Man this year? For me it wasn't the mammoth robot, the ninjas, the nude swingers swinging down a zip line, but a man with his two sons riding bikes -"normal" clothing and bikes, all riding with bike helmets on. Ironic how that was the most surreal image that week!
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