Ardaliz (ardaliz) wrote in burning_man,

I ended up Tivo'ing last night's episode of Malcolm in the Middle and I'm curious if anyone else watched it? I thought there were lots of little things that convinced me that the writers or whoever on the show have been to Burning Man...subtle enough that a non-burner might not notice the detail (like the mini dust storm or the total rip off of the purple head that was out there this year), but there were a few things that totally stuck out like sore thumbs to me: the kid taking the waste container to the waste dumping area (or whatever the sign said) and then the whole cactus incident - a cactus? In BRC? Obviously this is TV and it's not REAL and blah blah blah, but I couldn't help but wonder if these inaccuracies were intended.

Overall, I may have been more entertained by the parody of it all if it hadn't been broadcast out to middle America along with the Sizzler commercials.
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