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From Jackrabbit Speaks newsletter


The organizers of Burning Man have received reports of
phony tickets being sold. If you buy from an outside
source that is not one of our outlets, you may be
subject to a counterfeiting scam. Fellow Black Rock
Citizens, we forewarn you. If a gate person finds
your ticket illegitimate, you will have to buy a gate
ticket at the $250 price. Make sure that ticket is

Valid tickets are easily discernable from counterfeits
by the following:

1) If you have a friend with a ticket purchased
through Burning Man, compare the colors and paper
quality. There are two colors of valid tickets this
year: Purple border - same as last year, and bright

2) Valid tickets are multiple layer paper with a bit
of color in the middle. Make a small tear in a corner
of the little stub part of the ticket to peel back the
layer and look for some color - it is kinda pinkish /
salmon / rose/ orange.

3) Valid tickets are heat sensitive, which is why you
should not leave them on the dash of your car ......
Expose a corner to heat and it will turn black - this
is not the best test though because if you blacken the
whole ticket, it's worthless.

CAUTION, do not tear the stubs off the ticket! It
must be whole when you enter Black Rock City. (But a
little tear in the corner is OK.)

Counterfeit tickets are often slightly blurry, paper
feels different, ink may smear when wet, etc. We
caught a person selling some like this at the entrance
to our city last year. The participants who were
duped would have avoided the problem by closely
inspecting the tickets.

One simple way to avoid phony tickets is to buy from
an authorized outlet: TicketWeb or our friends
handling walk-in sales at Distractions in San
Francisco, The Melting Pot in Reno, and Red Cat
Records in Winnemucca.

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