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FALL FORGE: Chicagoland Burning Man Compression Party, Saturday Nov 12th - Sunday Nov 13

FALL FORGE: Chicagoland Burning Man Compression Party, Saturday Nov 12th - Sunday Nov 13

SynchroniCity, BOP/MAPS Camp, Burning Chicagoans, illmeasures and
greater Chicagoland Burning Man Participants Presents....

Saturday November 12th - Sunday November 13th

FALL FORGE: A Burning Man Compression Party to Bring together Chicago and fellow mid-westeners and Keep that Playa Light Glowing Warm through Winter

Members of Synchro, Bop/Maps, Burning Chicagoans, illmeasures and some
BM non-sectarians have come together to gather the many divergent
resources of the Chicagoland area creating the first ever Burning Man
Compression Party that will represent the many faces of Burning Man participants in Chicago!
Come relight that playa glow and create a slice of Black Rock City
right here in the midwest.

We will have a large sound system featuring illmeasures djs & live PAs,
projection screens, an effigy to burn, a big ass fire, flame throwers,
fire spinners, drumming, camping and whatever wears you bring to add to
the Forge. Please bring installations, theme camps, costumes, gifts...
Just like the playa there's nothing there until you bring it.

There are several things that are necessary for this event, if you have, please bring them.

Glow Sticks (for path lighting)

Tiki torches

Empty buckets (to fill with water to keep by the bonfires)

Burn barrels…. Yep bring them if you have them

Camping chairs

A nominal $5 fee will cover admission, porta-potties, camping for one
night and other necessities. Doors open around noon on Saturday November 12th. Come set up your art, your camp, your tent and help build the effigy, eat grilled things, drink beer and be hairy. We will burn the effigy around 10:30p,
fire, dancing, drumming and good times will last as long as you do. We
ask that everyone and everything they brought with them is off the
premises by 5pm on Sunday November 13th. This is a pack it in/pack it
out LEAVE NO TRACE event so we ask that you please do an additional 30
minutes of clean up on areas besides your camp before leaving. In addition, we ask that no bottles be brought to this event, only cans or plastic.

This land is also a totally organic land, please respect our hosts decision to love her land organically.

***Please be advised that this is the middle of November in Michigan.
Be prepared for the cold, bring long underwear and a suitable sleeping bag. Stay warm, stay safe!***

We highly encourage camping for this event and have provided enough
space for everyone to do that. If you choose to leave the night of the
event for any reason we ask that you make arrangements before hand and
have a designated driver to safely remove you from the premises.

Theme Camps: please bring your camps, your shade structures, your chai tea and loveliness. There is tons of space for camps to be set up and explored.

If you have any art you want to bring - bring it! If you have costumes
and playa wear (which you do!) wear it! If you've got photos bring
them. Any left over Burning Man schwag and gifts? Bring it. We want
this to be as spot on close to the playa as we can make it and it's up
to YOU to see this become a success!

For directions to the event please email or
If you want to help ranger or bring any fire toys email

If you want to help with the effigy, or have something you want to put on the effigy please email
If you want to help be a greeter and parking attendant email

If you have any general questions email

Parking is limited for this event, so please car pool. Just think of it as a time to tell playa stories, to get to know a new neighbor and to help the environment by saving on gas.

We look forward to seeing you on November 12th as we combine the many
vibrant energies and talents of Chicago and create new directions and
new capabilities to burn Chicago like never before!

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