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Just in case...

My ride from Reno is 98% confirmed, but that 2% is nagging me, so I thought I'd ask, so as to have a back-up plan in place...

Can anyone give me a ride from Reno to Black Rock City on Monday evening, August 27? My plane is scheduled to arrive at 7:04 p.m. It'll just be me and some minor airline style luggage; all my survival supplies and bulky items are traveling with my campmates. I will gratefully provide gas money, glitter lip-smackers, porn, and scintillating conversation (or dead silence, if preferrable) to such a helpful soul.

Please respond to Zeldachik@aol.com (and don't hold the AOL account against me, I'm not part of the Steve Case conspiracy, it's just the easiest account for me to get into from the office)

Thankee all.
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