Jacqui (jacqui) wrote in burning_man,

Our Annual Holiday Card Exchange

Hello My Darlings,

It's that time of year again where I ask you to send me a card and promise to send you one in return. Please remember to include your return address, and this is really important; please include your Live Journal user name so that I'll know who to thank and get to come by your journal and peek in at you. I get very, very confused when you don't include your name. However, it's usually the people I know really well who remember to do this. Oh well, no matter.

So, please send us a card, which will remind me to send you a card. I'm going to include my address, and these are pictures of two of the five collages I sent out to everyone last year. At least I think it was five -- five color copied collages with pretty colored ribbons that some of you gave to your cats to play with.

Jacqui Hyland and Beau Carrillo (my son)
149 South Barrington Avenue #325
Los Angeles, CA 90049


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