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Lee Harrington

Portland SantaCon 2005- They Sleigh Me!

This image is actually #14 from this slide show- but I love it. 200? Santas walking down Burnside- hot damn!

Today was that time of year again- SantaCon, aka the Drunken Santa Rampage!

Santa Tamara! It's been ages girlfriend!

A santa peruses the crowd as we met up at noon at Skidmore fountain and I treated myself to an Elephant Ear.

Look everyone, it's Porn Review Queen Santa DarkLady in her PVC Santa Hat (and dress)

KBoo Radio Guy interviews a Slutty Santa and a Horror Mask Santa at the Fountain

This year there was no walking menorah, but we did have some Jews for Santa (note Pirate Santa behind him)

Two Santas pause and fuel with Corndogs before they went to drink

There was a grown man dressed as baby Jesus, and this was one of the "wise women" who were part of his realism nativity

Crazy Clown Santa DJd our adventures- piping MP3s into his blow horn.

A sea of Santa goodness

One of our fearless Santa Leaders trys to wrangle Santas

Um, yeah- the bumper sticker was perfect

Santas climb the stairs from the Saturday Market (after we wandered the market as a wave of Ho-dum) up to Burnside to hand candy out to homeless guys.

Hawt Damn Santa (with her teddy bear and paddle, that she used on my Elf... Sprocket Blisters McCrumpet III- aka Duncan)

Santa Cruz (in tie dye) with two other Santas

As the Santas paused to watch strippers at Cabaret on 5th & Burnside, Sprocket (Duncan) and The Ice Queen (me) went to House of Louise for Dim Sum. This is The Ice Queen "Courtney Cringle" with her Char Sui Hum Bow

Santas on the prowl after they paused to watch strippers

Mohawk Santa!

Enthusiastic Santas take pics of passing Santas

This was Noon-2pm... after2pm Santa Shots coming soon...
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