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We're flat broke, but hey - we do it in style....

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More on Scott

Following up on ibm's post:


I spoke with Scott's wife, Chukka (known on the ePlaya as the CryptoFishist), about an hour ago; services are still pending, but will be in the Oakland/Berkeley area, hopefully close to public transit.

Fishy's email is chukka(at)yahoo(dot)com, though she's only checking the net sporadically right now; I have her home address if anyone wants to send a card. Memorial donations can be sent to any of the following organizations:

The Black Rock Arts Foundation
Mickaboo Cockatiel Rescue
LYRIC - the Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center
Oxfam International, UNICEF, or the disaster-relief organization of your choice

Scott was also volunteering with the Civil Air Patrol; I don't know if they're set up to accept donations.
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