quintessence ejaculate (urbanwuff) wrote in burning_man,
quintessence ejaculate

thinking ahead...

For the past couple years I always see a post along the lines of:

"I don't want to take my super nifty camera to the playa and have it go dustbreaky on me! What should I do???"

to this I reply: woot.com has a very basic, yet decent 3.1mp camera for sale today, 75 bucks with the shipping charge. If yer not familiar, woot.com sells one item, every day, till it sells out, for a generally decent low price. It could be an RC car, it could be a necklace, it could be this nifty camera. It's nothing amazing, but toss in a memory card or two and you got space to spare for random fur covered citizens and crazy milk jug art installations galore!

I just immediately thought of my playa brethren when I saw this. Hope the multitude of holidays are treating all of you well.
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