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tickets on sale....!

and i'm sitting here in winnipeg having the most intense dust lust so far.....

in school without a job right now, and supposed to be moving across the continent within the next year so all my financial sensibility is telling me that burning is not in the cards for me this year. 2005 was my first year - after yearning to go for years - and i just don't think i'm ready to miss out yet. done school at the end of may and should be working right away so i can start saving for my move but....

i know i'm going to break down and be financially silly and end up buying a ticket last minute and flying down to reno and hopefully finding an nice group of burners who can find it in their heart to adopt little lost canadian gremlin for the week. the 32 hour drive (both ways) we did last year just isn't going to happen again.

my apologies for the ramble - just wanted to say I MISS YOU ALL and i'll [hopefully] see you in 222 days!

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