omphaloskeptic (cthulhia) wrote in burning_man,

LJ Photo Shoot At The Burn

Ok, I have talked with the gang at Supersnail.
The Camp photo is at 2 pm, Thursday.
At least 4 in camp, including Randal who is doing the Tofu journal, overlap with LJ.

If LJ wants to do a photo shoot, it would be nice to arrange it for around then. (I will see what I can do about abusing net access to get one of the photos uploaded while onsite. No promises though.)

However, it would ROCK to get the Freezing Man truck in the photo as well. And that would likely draw too much attention in center camp.


I'll set up a clipboard at Supersnail to keep track of the final word on when such a photo shoot would happen. Supersnail is planning to publish at some point, so they will probably insist on release forms and the like. If you can come by earlier to fill out all the releases, (or indicate that, while you'd like to be in the group photo, you don't want to be in a book), that would be cool.

I get to the playa monday night, no doubt AFTER opening ceremonies, again.
However, I'll try to have a clipboard and scheduling info set up at least by Tuesday morning.
Swing by when getting your morning coffee. :)

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