quintessence ejaculate (urbanwuff) wrote in burning_man,
quintessence ejaculate

Just curious....

Now that the dust has settled (hoo, I wasn't even trying to make a joke...)

I gotta wonder how many of the frantic "Tickets! Need Tickets! OMFG RELOAD THE PAGE 80 TIMES TICKETS!" freaks (and not just on LJ, but the email lists and elsewhere) actually needed to buy them at the starting price? The whole idea of a tier system is supposed to be so those who don't have money can buy at lower levels, and those of us who can afford more spend more.

Ask yourself, "Is 65 bucks a hardship for me?" and if you answer no, perhaps consider selling that to someone who answers yes and buying a 250 dollar ticket. 65 dollars is, for a lot of people, dinner out, or maybe, dinner and a movie on a friday night. Hell, in some cities, 65 dollars is one good drink and an entry fee at a dance club. (Vegas, NYC, LA...)

Last year, I was gifted my ticket by a friend because I was broke, and otherwise couldn't have gone. This year, I've got a good job, and if I choose to go, an extra 65 bucks isn't that big a deal. Last year, 65 bucks was a huge deal.

Just a thought.
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