Media Victim (mediavictim) wrote in burning_man,
Media Victim

Frothing at the mouth ticket vultures

I have been watching the LJ posts get increasingly worse regarding peoples purchasing of their tickets
I would just like to express - for the record - that I beleive this multi tier ticketing system that the BMOrg has
is such a pile-o-shit

1. It means that the people with the most disposable income (ie the highest income) can purchase their tickets at a lower price since they don't have to save up a few paychecks to afford a ticket. The poorest people end up paying the most

2. It utilizes a really sleezy marketing tactic by creating a false sense of urgency and avaliability on these tickets - last time I checked this was called fraud.- this from a event that isn't 'about the money'

3. It is obvioulsy getting many people upset , frustrated, worried , jelous and angry (and it some cases it is making people feel inferior if they don't get one of the cheap tickets)

4. It means that the orgs servers are being overworked - wich means that first come is not always first served

5. It also created a rift between people who discover that the other got a cheaper ticket.

Burning Man sells 30,000 tickets each year - these numbers have been steady for a while - so why don't they abandon this system? Its not like Larry is going to show up this year to an emppty playa - they really don't need to have this 'earlybird' system in place. It is creating more trouble than its worth and doing more damage than good and it ends up having the reverse effect of what its intensions are.

No ... I haven't bought a ticket yet.... frankly keeping myself out of the hair pulling feeding frenzy for a cheap ticket
is worth the extra $50 to buy it later when I am sure the bogged down crashed servers haven't lost my information or the mad rush to mail my ticket means it ends up in Timbucktu...
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