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in the bmorg's own words

I haven't seen this (explaining the technical cause of the ticket snafu and asking for patience and compassion) posted here yet, so thought I'd put it up (this also went out on the jack-rabbit last night, so presumably many of you have already seen this).

For the record, I know a number of the people who work for the project--in ticket sales, web/tech teams, and communications departments generally--and vouch for their sincerity in not wanting to come across as some nasty faceless, money grubbing corporate entity. And I would be *really* surprised if they are not *right now* having conversations and ideas similar to some of the things I've read here, so that this repeating problem can hopefully be solved next year.

That said, I also see participant criticism of the event wherever it is perceived as failing to live up to it's own stated ideology (including its all too human organizers with their at times all too human faillings--who among us has never made mistakes?) as integral to the very nature of Burning Man. Our voices of dissent, critical scrutiny, and principled visions are part of what (imho) makes this community what it is.
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