Pink Monster (iceblink) wrote in burning_man,
Pink Monster

The little things!

Great news! The inflatable furniture arrived today - WOO HOO! so we will have lounging chairs at LJ Camp.

The sun shower and sun shower enclosure arrived today. Any camp member is welcome to use it BUT they must replace the water that they used.

The glow sticks should arrive tomorrow......

We picked up the huge tent and we will be putting it up on Sunday. We will spend Saturday acclimating to the climate and elevation. We are asking for anyone who can....please come and help us put up the LJ Camp tent.

We are also brining a tea kettle for boiling water....any LJer is welcome to come over and boil water for tea, soup, cocoa, whatever.

I am just waiting for the glow sticks and the emergen-c to arrive. Then we will have everything.

Our house is really quite messy right now. The art supplies are packed, the lights are packed, I have to open the newly arrived boxes and repack the enclosed items. I have piles of clothing for costumes and stuff. Lots of red - especially for the Red Party on Tuesday.

I will be going to a thrift store today to scout around for stuff.

As suggested by an LJ Burner...we will have a bulletin board at LJ Camp so you can find fellow LJer's on the playa..........

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