May 29th, 1583 (aerolyn1) wrote in burning_man,
May 29th, 1583

Sorry to bother you burners, but.....

This is a friend of a very dear friend. There are so many of us, maybe someone has seen Nici? Sorry to bother all of you out there, but no one is more caring than the burn crowd. I figured, it couldn't hurt!

Help us Find Nici, please!

The site has information about Nici Pietz, who went missing Saturday morning after leaving her home in Lynnwood, WA. She hasn't been seen or heard from since that time - we're coming up on a week now, and while no evidence of foul play exists, her being missing at all is a dramatic enough departure to warrant alarm.

Please forward this to people you know here in Washington state and surrounding areas - get the word out, people. Please. Let's use the 'net in a new and dramatic way today.

Thank you.

This is a friend of blackspiral66. Please keep your eyes open for her or her missing vehicle. Thank you!
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