The Digital Shutterbug (aryx) wrote in burning_man,
The Digital Shutterbug

Going thru my lists of "needs" and "wants" and keep realizing I've forgotten to write things down as I'm going thru the house packing.

I still haven't decided if I should take my airbrush and paints again this year...and it will probably all depend on the room I have... it's not on either of my lists, so I will sacrifice taking that stuff if I need the room for a "need" item.

I have a quick question, if anyone knows... is it okay for the "general population" to arrive a little early? I'm not part of any camp, but I will probably end up helping somewhere. I know that people are out there earlier than Monday, but was just curious if I'd be let in that soon as an individual.

Here's a drawing of my character in the '98 opera, The Temple of Rudra.

Here's a picture of my friend Jamie in costume for the same opera, waiting for the opera to begin (rain delayed us that year).

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