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teehehehe! i was just packing for our valentine's trip to go skiing on beech mt. N.C. when i was packing my cape for the trip i was patting it down into the bag when... poof! big cloud of playa dust comes poof flying up in my face!! packing for this trip has brought out alot of our burning man gear. we are going to be staying in a cabin in the mountains and we might lose power so i'm bring the survival supplies just in case. all my warm clothes and sexy lingerie, and candles. packing a weeks worth of food, because i will be cooking our meals when we are snowed in. *LOL AND GIGGLING!* i just checked the weather reports for the next ten days and well it's going to be perfect!!! lots of long hours sitting in front of the fireplace, snuggling, and watching the snow flakes floating down out side our little log cabin. i can't wait till thursday!! i love you honey!!
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