Elephants and Flowers (aperfectme) wrote in burning_man,
Elephants and Flowers

I just had to share this here...

So, the boy and I happened to be talking and he looks over at the television and sees The View talking about Best Places to Propose. He decides to watch it because they were talking about Turtle Island and it looked really nice. Ok, so the second place this woman starts talking about is Black Rock City, Nevada.

Here's what she says:

"It has everything to do with fire, burning, and romance.
What You do is you sign up for a one week camp. You start slowly. The first stage is jumping over fires with your spouse or spouse to be and try not to collide in the middle.
The second stage is fire walking on hot coals. If you get along on that and you have unity, they then give you the opportunity to get over your old husband or wife and they burn an 80 ft. man in effigy (audience laughs). 35,000 people collect to burn this guy in effigy."

While she's talking about this, they're showing video clips of Burning Man in the background and of the man burning.

I just thought that was really interesting and that's the first time I've ever heard it explained in such a way and it was ON THE VIEW! WTF!?
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