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Quit stalking me fatass!

8 month old twins at Burning Man?


I'm totally new to the Burning Man experience, but my fiancee is a bit of a veteran. He's gone several times, but without kids! I don't know if I am biting off more than I can chew, but I'm getting married right before BM and we were planning on doing a honeymoon across the country, and he really wants to go to BM. We are using my dads Class A Motorhome, but I'm really nervous about it getting messed up. Plus I have a few questions if that's ok (and I'm sure I'll have many more!)

Do they group all the motorhomes together? I really prefer camping, but since we are going cross country (and not just BM) we have decided to borrow dads.

Also, I have read about the "family" camp at burning man, but it mainly showed older children... my 8 yr old son will be going with us, (from a previous marriage)but is it unrealistic to take my 8 month old twins there (they are just over a month old now-so they will be 8 monthsish by then). I'm worried about sandstorms etc (I've never been to the desert)

And just another quick question-how harsh is the enviroment for those of you who have taken motorhomes? My fiancee thinks it will be fine, but he isn't familiar with motorhomes, and has only camped there. My primary concern is for my babies, and I'm looking for people who have experienced taking children there.

TIA! :)
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