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Burners Without Borders makes the front page

As many of you may have already read in the Jackrabbit Speaks mailing list, Us with Burners Without Borders are currently at work in Pearlington, MS, a community on the Gulf coast just across the state line from Louisiana where the eye of Hurricane Katrina made landfall.

Pearlington and Camp Katrina made the front page of the San Francisco Bay Guardian newspaper this week. Steven Jones spent a week here, leaving just before I arrived, and wrote the cover story for his paper about our exploits here. It both made me proud and gave me a deeper appreciation of what's going on and at stake here in the bayou.

Jones' piece is available in print in this week's SF Bay Guardian, or online at

Tom Price, one of the principal instigators of this endeavor, wrote a fantastic companion piece, "Why I'm Here", available online at This manifesto espouses my feelings about what I see and experience here far more articulately than I could myself.

The website for Burners Without Borders is at

Please take note of the Donations page -- we're pretty much entirely funded by the Burning Man community, our family and friends. A little donation goes a long way to buying diesel, bacon, and bug spray down here.

Feel free to ask questions about our endeavors here and I will do my best to respond as our solar-powered wifi and cellular modem setup allows.
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