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Articulated/drywall stilts?

Hi all,

I haven't had too much luck googling where one could buy articulated/drywall stilts in the states (there are a lot of AU companies out there though!).

I haven't found any pictures, either, but what I'm looking for are those cool bouncy ones with the kind of reverse curve, that make people about 9' tall. Is this what those are called? I've seen a lot of them at Burning Man, and we just adore the way people stride around on them so fast and confidently. They look amazing, even without the crazy flips and such some people can do on them.

Are these something that you could just order and learn to walk on yourself, or would it be better to take at least one class or meet with a professional to get an idea of how not to kill oneself? :)

Thanks much for the help!
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