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The burn is many months away but, like many of you, I am already excitedly planning all my supplies for this year's burn :)

I am definitely getting a new tent this year. I've been looking around and fell in love with the Eureka Sunrise 9 Tent. It seems quite spacious for my man and I and I love the built in organizer thingies. Most importantly, all the reviews I've read says it gets great ventilation! And we all know how important that is on the playa :) I'm going to supplement with some magnetic tent fans as well.

My only slight concern with this tent is can it withstand the dust storms? My campmates had a Eureka dome tent last year and it served them well. I think I will just use a couple of extra guy-wires to really hold that mama down. Eureka seems like a good reliable brand, though it isn't top quality, but I wouldn't want a premium expensive tent for the playa anyway. I've found this guy for $120 US with free shipping and a rebate!

Does anyone have any brands/types of tents that they have had good or bad experiences with on the playa? Especially of the 5+ person dome variety (cos you need a lot of tent space to be happy on the playa! =>)

Also, for fun, check out the deals on glowy things here: http://www.glowstickmania.com

Please share any other fun resources for playa gear :)
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