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Calling all dark artists to the Convergence!!!

Call for Work! All artists welcome. Have an artistic draw to the darkside? If you are interested in displaying artwork for our Convergence XII Gallery showing please submit sample digital images (max 5 submissions). You will be notified as to acceptance within one week of submission along with mailing information for the hotel. The dates of the exhibition will be the 14th thru 16th of April, during the Convergence XII festivities.

There is no fee for displaying your artwork for attendees.

Please go to https://www.convergencexii.com/cgi-bin/artshow.cgi and submit your work.

Convergence is a roving net.goth party, hosted each year by a different committee and city. It started in Chicago (and returned there for its 10 year anniversary), and has also been to Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, New Orleans, Montreal, New York, San Diego, Toronto, and Las Vegas.

The bid for this years' Convergence was won, for the second time, by New Orleans. After careful review last fall, the C12 committee decided that Convergence 12 WILL happen in New Orleans, April 13th - 16th, as planned. The French Quarter, Uptown and large sections of the city that are the most popular with tourists suffered minimal to no damage, and your attendance at Convergence will, in no small way, help to rebuild New Orleans, as tourist revenue makes up a very large part of the New Orleans economy. So, when you come here to spend money and have fun, you're actually helping the city recover in a big way... it's a win-win scenario for everyone.
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