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how i explain burning man in a few short words!

i was trying to explain burning man to a new friend who is going for the first time and this is what i came up with...well if you never been to the real thing then you don't understand the mind set of burning man. it is hard to understand unless you've been. let's see it is like being in a place where everyone is happy to see you and wants to get to know you. they invite you into their camps, have breakfast, have sex, have pot, (shrugs shoulders) hell just have fun!! the only thing that will piss off a burner is if you moop!!ooooooh and park your but "on" the potty. it is a party, yes! it is also a place where everyone shows an open heart and arms to anyone. they also show their alter ego, or how or what they want or hope to be. it is a wonderland of adult fun and a utopia out of the sexually depraved minds of all burners. there is nudity but it is so common that it is the norm, and it makes regular clothes look like it's abnormal. i guess that's why when burners opt to wear clothes they choose to do so in the most outlandish style, that would be so far out of place in the "real world".

it is whimsical, artistic, harsh, hot, cold, dry, dusty, wet, sexy, fun, a lot of work, a lot of people, textural, sensational, the smell of bacon cooking, music, porn & eggs, spank and spray, the truckers, JOSLYN! it's someone loaning you their tent because you lost yours. it's some giving you the shirt off their back because you needed it. it's psychedelic, the best friends you'll ever cross the country to meet, massages for free, cup cakes on wheels, giant sperm, people running naked behind a water truck to take a shower, mmmm the human carcass wash at poly camp. it's string that hangs down so you can glide through it and feel it caress your body. it's a bunch of vegan yoga hippies doing sing a longs at hee bee gee's's the coolest glowing est costumes, people, car, structures, art you have ever seen. it's drumming at center camp every day and night while everyone dances like the free spirits that they want to be in the "real world". it showing love to your fellow man woman child freak what ever because it's good and feels good. it is the obsession that will consume your every waking thought when your not there. you will look at every thing as how it would fit or could be used at the next burn! so when you go you will see why it was nothing to offer you a place in our camp and in our hearts. it's up to you whether or not you make the most of it.

if anyone thinks i've missed something feel free to add to this!

with love for the burn!

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