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St. Party's day!

we're back! we drove down to tampa for st. party's day party at another burners house. it was a lot of fun we met a lot of cool, and beautiful people. made a lot of friends. Lily a very cool and shy half thai girl, who's leaving for Australia the next morning. she planning on roaming around from country to country, Thailand, Hungary, and New Zealand. we met a gelfling, Jen, she is sooooo cute! she bounced around the party hugging and kissing very one, telling them she loved them. no she wasn't high, she was just nice!! we got to see Lizzy, her boyfriend, and Dennis again. we met Dennis's baby Cheech. (his chiwawa) they had a lot of people play with fire. they had great music, beer, good people, dancing, lots of fun had by all. we finally got to meet Donna she was so sweet. she invited us to stay at their camp on the esplanade, that will be so cool. we were at the party till dawn. then some of the burners we met offer us a room and a bed to sleep in, so instead of camping out in Dennis's living room we went to their house.

the next day we got up and went to see V on the imax, it was great! then we went to meet my honey's parents for dinner. we stayed at their house for the night. his parents are so sweet i love visiting them, his dad and mom both have a bawdy sense of humor. they are always so nice to me, and i don't know why because everyone says that they have never liked their sons friends. everyone including them.

all in all it was wonderful meeting a bunch of cool people and spent the weekend with my honey and his parents. i just feel so lucky to have the love of such a good man!

i can't wait till transformus!! where we intend on trying out our newly built shade tent made out of a parachute. that is where we hope to get the kinks out of our design. may be we will meet someone there who will have some helpful hints on our transportation problems. i hope to meet lots more cool people there too, maybe one of you.

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