Pagoda Kitchen (sporkly) wrote in burning_man,
Pagoda Kitchen

ChickenHed needs a new house!

Things have settled down into two major things that need doing, right now:


Do you have a house for rent in Seattle that might work for 6 artists recently in need of a place?

Call me with the description, rent and what the landlord is like, at 206-383-7306


We don't know how much it is going to be. Money will come from, or if donors would like to help us make _this_ happen, right away. Sometimes people are willing to help more if it is for a specific thing.

3) Memories collected at

We'd like this site to become a library that begins to catalog what media is out there, or can be generated, for each person. Do you have old photos? Call us and we'll scan them. Got some old DV tapes? Get them to us, and we'll turn them into DVD, and archive a copy.

We'd like to have this be a growable tool for each community to build up their memories of the individuals over time.

For example, eventually we'll find an actor who can seem enough like Jeremy to make a movie - so let's generate some script!

4) More Food Needed

There's a LOT of people out there, two in an apartment, 5 hanging out in a house, one person all alone, etc - where they were really affected, or are comforting someone who survived. We're finding them out, one by one, and they need food. Make meals, lots of meals. A meal for four people is a _very_useful_ thing - it isn't the big groups that are starving, it is the little ones. While the ChickenHed house gets lots of food, there's a LOT of houses where, we are just hearing, these two friends haven't even emerged for a week.

Gifts, letters, drugs - these all help the people involved to feel that people are still thinking of them. The world _will_ go on, and we want to work as hard as possible for everyone to feel that we are still thinking about them, still worried about them. A simple Dead Letter passed through friends to that person can really help with the feelings of isolation.

5) money

Fine - if that's all you have (human energy is going to be MUCH more useful in this situation than money - and easier to get!) I _suppose_ we could do that - if people are wondering how they can trust the paypal account at:

They can reference Jeremy's obituary in the Seattle Times

There's also a Bank of America account more directly related to burying the bodies and assisting the families of deceased:

Donations to help the victims' families are being accepted at any Bank of America branch. Toby Dziubala, a disc jockey from Redmond, set up the fund. People can make donations to the "Remember Relief Fund." Seattle-area residents can contact Bank of America at 206-461-0800.



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