Black Belt Jones (bcbud) wrote in burning_man,
Black Belt Jones

So for those who didn't hear about the shootings in Seattle last weekend, here's the rather nasty tale:

David Best has put forth a proposal to build a memorial/temple for the victims. You can see sketches here:

For those in Seattle, there are 2 fundraiser events tonight (Sat Apr
1st) - the proceeds of which are going to the temple fund, and helping the survivors of the shootings:

> Fundraiser #1: 1809 Minor Ave, right next to the Rebar in Downtown
> Seattle. 21 and over only.9 PM->2AM. DJs, performers, art, adult
> beverages. This is going to be an insane balls-out burner affair, we
> are pulling ALL THE STOPS OUT on this one. "We" in this case includes
> you so come on down and get it on!
> Fundraiser #2: 1122 Broadway Ave E, Potluck House, on Capitol Hill.
> 12 AM until the pancakes run out on Sunday morning. DJs, performers,
> reiki, grief counseling, pancakes, therapy chihuahua.
> This will be a very chill house party, come on over and feel the love.
> Lots of good friends, great music. NO BOOZE WILL BE SOLD at this
> location, so bring your own, like, whatever.

Just passing it along for those it might connect with...
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