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Project Megapixels - Image Selected

The time has come.

Here is the image I've chosen:

I've chosen this image for a number of reasons:

1) It's a painting of my friend Cyfar.
2) Of all the people I know, he represents the spirit of Burning Man the best (participation, radical self-reliance, radical self expression, community, etc)
3) He isn't coming to the playa this year, so I want to bring him out in this way.
4) My friend Toon painted it. ( http://www.myspace.com/l_sid )
5) The painting is relatively simple in terms of overall color scheme, thus we can probably do this with 3 colors (red, black and yellow)
6) The painting can scale up to as many pixels as we can get by starting in the lower left hand corner and expanding towards the flames on the upper right.

I hope that you're as excited about this image as I am.

We have almost 1000 pixels spoken for right now. That's one tenth of the way to the goal. We're at about the size of the recent image Maxim put out near Las Vegas: http://cdn.maximonline.com/maximusa/index.html but that photo was taken by a plane and used much smaller pixels. We need to be 10 times bigger!

More soon. Thanks for your support.

More info at http://projectmegapixels.org

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