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if this entry appears twice, im so sorry!

I had an ephiphany of sorts a few minutes ago. I was hoping to go to Burning Man this year but dont have the money to. *tear* Anyways, I was wanting to start a notebook dedicated to past Burning Man expierences. I can start the notebook, which will probably contain my hopes of what it will be like next year. I'm definately going next year. Burners can contribute pictures, written expierences, anything and everything that you want it to. I dont want original pictures or any sentimental things you've obtained there, but copies of things would be excellent.
I want everyone to contribute a little bit to it and it will ultimately come back to me. If anyone is interesetd, I can give you more details. E-mail me at lj_myspace@yahoo.com or add me. I want to fill the book up completly and maybe you guys can start one to because I definatley want it to ultimately come back to me. You can start your own and I can contribute to it next year.
But PLEASE if your interested, please remember I want this back.
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