family_jewels (family_jewels) wrote in burning_man,

we went camping this weekend and had a lot of fun. when i was set up our tent it caused a playa dust storm!!here are some of the pictures of this weekend at element. our shade structure was a big hit!! we had a great sound system, thanks to my honey spending lots and lots of time setting it up!! the inflatable furniture took a long time to inflate so it was ok that he took so long on the sound system, i just blew up the furniture while he did the sound. we had lots of dragonflies and butterflies in our shade structure. aren't they good luck? i spent some time painting glow in the dark paint on it so it would help waterproof it. had a little help from robbie, but he had to get naked so his sarong wouldn't get all glowie, so he got his willy all glowie instead. i should have gotten a picture in he dark of it glowing!! dame!! we host dinner on saturday, i cooked scallops, shrimp, peppers, as well as some vegi and rice just in case there were vegetarians in the group. robbie came and cooked fresh salmon. all in all it was a good element meal.

this is the marriage approval board. she asked us as we were passing if we thought that people should have to take a pop quiz to see if you should be aloud to be married. i said yes! i took her quiz and passed with flying colors!!

this is jan doing the fire whip!! she was the best part of my time there. i loved watching her doing the fire whip!! it was soooo sexy! it is always sexy when someone play fire toys well!!

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