Daniela (daniela) wrote in burning_man,

hey, everyone..

made it back this morning at 6am, after being stuck in the same 3-hour jam on the 447 as everyone else. i think there were actually two accidents on that road yesterday, because people are talking about this six-pile up, which i didn't see. we did see the one that happened around 5:30pm - some guy was driving with an unbalanced trailer which strayed into oncoming traffic and a burner heading back from reno hit at full force. two fatalities, the ranger told us. i am still pretty shaken up about it. if there is any lesson i took away from this burn, it is the temporary nature of life.

we did get to spend 3 extra hours on the side of the road with indians from the tribe which lives on the black rock land - the stories they told me about this spiritual land will stick with me forever.

so anyhow.. i wanted to say THANK YOU to all the lj'ers who helped make my week so wonderful. this was definitely my favorite burn so far, and the generosity and love in the lj camp was a huge part of that. i am really sorry that i did not get to say goodbye. i stopped by before the burn and after, but everyone was out partying as they should be.

please, new friends, drop me a comment so i can remember all of your usernames and check in on your journals.

thank you so so much to insomnia and iceblink for their incredible hard work pulling this together. the birthday party was very, very special for me. i can only hope that next year i will be able to show you the same generosity (we have already begun planning for our structure + accessories for next year).

i love you guys. i hope your week was as wonderful as mine.

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