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Cars go where now?

I:ve read close to all the material on the site but there:s still no set answer on my question. First time burner with a first time group this year. And I:m effin amped on the whole deal. Been watching and reading this community closely as well. You should hear my brother and I whenever we go to a store.. we constantly got "burn on the brain" it:s hilarious. Everything that could be beneficial to us on our trip we:re taking mental notes on and smiling like it:s some secret the people around us will never get. I:ve been wanting to go since I was uh.. 14 so the build up has been long awaited. All right nuff bout my lil intro deal... the questions:

The site dishes on how no vehicles are allowed. How there are shuttle buses and so forth at the nearest town so people can park and bus. Then I see photos of camps and there are cars everywhere in the surrounding areas. So I:m assuming you can just drive to your spot and keep the car parked the entire week. But then I hear about how there is a certain place to park and people then move to there camp? So a little clarity on the car subject would ease my restless sleeping nights. heh.

Also I:m totally a gift giving person and the fact that so many suggest giving gifts makes me smile. I have ideas on what to make and bring but if you guys could tell me what kind of gifts you all got and enjoyed that would completely spark further creativity in the gifts. Thanks burners. peace out.

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