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first time ringleader (and virgin)

alright... so ive never been to burning man. the reasons are many and varied, but mostly just because i like to bring people along for the ride when i do something. i can go out alone and do this amazing thing, but if no one is there to experience it (then and later), ive found its significance fades and becomes nothing more then a bar-story.

so ive been planning, -swearing- that i will go to burningman for the past few years. like five or six. something always comes up and it doesnt happen. either people drop out and i find something 'better' to do, or i end up in another country or something. that isnt happening this year. i -AM- going, if it means i have to quit my job, put my stuff in storage and hitchhike west. ive had the burning fever for years now, and if i dont let it follow its course im going to end up doing something... i shouldnt :)

so this year, as every year, ive got a few people together that want to go. i meet all these people that want to go, and have never gone, and have the burning fever.. but never anyone thats actually been. i find that wierd, but whatever. this group this year... from past experiences, i dont think most will make it. i know the negative expectation will get me exactly that, but i cant help it. too many times has it not happened. people will drop out for whatever reason (the $250 ticket price seems the most common reason.. like they didnt know going out to live in the desert for a week, on the other side of the country would cost something).

im getting to the point, eventually. if i even have one.

so ive got a group. i dont have commitment. im going to give people a deadline to at least buy their ticket, and ill work form those numbers. i figure that monetary commitment at least will mean something. and if they drop out after that, it just means extra food/water/booze that im sure /someone/ will appreciate on the playa.

the logistics problems keep arising from being on the east coast. and keep arising. we are all poor. i have connections to get myself out there, and as this seems to be my show (again) i seem to be in charge of keeping everyone alive and good. this is my usual position in groups, so i dont mind it too much (though i hope they dont actually expect me to be lucid on the playa).

so now i have some questions and hope someone will give me some leads that i havent seen yet maybe.

i can probably get myself out to the playa cheap. obscenely cheap. i also may have the ability to transport stuff onto the playa. that 'maybe' is the linchpin of my current plan. if i can swing that, i plan on supplying enough water and probably food. everything will probably be sent ahead of us if this is the case, for me to transport to burningman. without this, i dont see how its happening. how does everyone else without a car get alll the way out there with their gear? ive heard horror stories about the green tortoise and dont want to try it. ive looked at twin city curplus, and that 55 gallon drum seems the best bet for water, is there a station local to that (or maybe in reno if i have to pick people up there?) like are common in phoenix (where ill be driving from) where you just drive up and put your water container up and your money in and it spits out purified water? i cant rememebr what the place is called.. water mill or something? also, anyone know how long the drive is from phoenix? how much, and where is, car cleaning services afterwords? does the playa dust hurt old paint jobs (the truck ill hopefully be borrowing is about 15 years old, with the original paint job)? would it be better to buy the water in phoenix, and if so anyone know a place for the water drum there?

most of us will be coming from the DC area. some from the dallas area. i dont know how im getting these people out there. im prolly going to tell them to take a bus, and meet me out there, or a plane, whatever they can afford. im trying to be as economical as possible, and not buy everything out west. what is worth buying on the way (other then food, obviously), rather then mailing myself and transporting up? all im planning on flying out with on my own person are my personal clothes. hopefully in the future i will have a vehicle that could make it that far, and can be loaded up with stuff, but this year is going to be base minimums required for a good time. i dont want to get out there to be miserable the entire time because all we could 'afford' to bring was MREs and those hospital paper half-gowns. i feel somewhat responsible to ensure we all have what we need to enjoy ourselves, or at least survive, as this is 'my thing'.

any other virgin burners want to make a conglomerate camp? everyone brings their own stuff and all, but we all camp together and like share meals and such. im actually a pretty good cook, and more so the more fucked up i am :). the more the merrier, and i cant imagine anything more enjoyable then a camp of 50 first time burners. everyone going through the same thing, understanding when its just too much, or when you need to go explore... but hey, im idealistic that way. its been enough of a job just to get half a dozen people together :P.

ive read all through all the first timers guides and whatnot. i think i have a pretty firm grasp of how ot make it the best possible experience. i think this group of people would work well for it. but most of that information is on a 'best circumstance' type of deal. reality is often far different from that. i know i should probably just sit back a bit, and let it run its course as it will. let people take care of their own issues. but if i dont work to fix probable problems now, i will end up doing so on the playa, and sacrificing my experience to do so. thats just the type of person i am, and i understand that. id rather take care of everything i can now, and sit back and relax at home.

i really want to make this work, for everyone involved. i know there are steps i cannot take for them, but i want all of our experiences to be the best possible, and im in a better position to make it happen then most. any other 'camp ringleaders' have any suggestions? i dont even know what else to say, though this has gone on much longer then i planned (i blame it all on the drinks), and im sure ive forgotten what i orignally meant to say
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