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Signal flares

I want to thank the whole community for a wonderful, wonderful Flipside this past weekend. It was exactly what I needed and it really helped me put a lot of things in the right place in my life.

I plan on posting a more detailed and extensive thank you list in the near future, but in the meantime there are a few people I never managed to get contact info for before the chaos of packing out, and I was hoping to ask if anyone here knew how to get in touch with them and wouldn't mind dropping me a line with their info:

- Polaris from Fuck Shit Up. We offered him a place to stay if he ever came to Cali and he's one of the people I would most expect to actually take us up on that.

- Vicky (Vicki?) and Mischa (Misha?) from Better Brain Bureau. I owe them a whole fuckload of nickels.

My e-mail address is dizfactor @ gmail .com

I hope that whenever I bounced by with my bunny ears I was able to reflect back a little of the joy you all spread in my direction.

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