Kit (todfox) wrote in burning_man,

Human Carcass Wash AfterBurn report

The Burning Flipside Human Carcass Wash was a big success this year, and I had a lot of fun running it. I am looking forward to operating it again at future events -- in fact, we're already planning our improvements for next year.

If your curious how this year's event went, or some of what we hope to do next year, I have just posted the Human Carcass Wash AfterBurn report to the Human Carcass Wash Wiki.

Please check it out, and give me your feedback especially if you participated with us in some way. You can email me, reply to this post, or leave your comments on the wiki itself.

Thanks again to everyone who donated time, advice, supplies or money and made the Carcass Wash a big success!
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