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PDX - So you're going to Burning Man for the first time...

So you're going to the Burn for the first time. And you might be wondering just what else, exactly, you need to have (or to know). We're making an effort in Portland (Oregon) to make it easier for noobies to find people who can help them plan, tell them what to expect, give them a camp to join if they need one.


June 14th (Wednesday) - Newbie Meet n Greet - come on out to 11th and NE Skidmore in PDX for the first of the year's work parties! This will be a great time to meet people from lots of theme camps, individual travelers...

And all summer, please treat all the Dead Letter Work Parties as Newbie Meet'n'Greets - come say hi!

June 14th - Newbie Meet N Greet,
June 28th - What are YOU doing (group planning, collective purchasing)
July 12th - CARS - Mutant Vehicles, Oil Changes, Timing for the Big Haul
July 19th - Bikes - Get yer flair on!
July 26th - What are YOU doing? (work on your project in our shop)
August 9th - Costumes!

Lost? Call Dead Letter B at 206-383-7306

Guideline #1 - YOU is not invited. WE are working here.
Guideline #2 - If you would like to be WE, bring your work!
Guideline #3 - Drinking Beer is Always Work.


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