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Are you worried about your experience

A friend of mine just went on a camping trip with a bunch of burners and friends of burners and was left concerned. She originally wanted to attend the Burn because of the art and beauty and community aspects.

What she got at the camp out was twenty four hour sound, inebriated revelry and crazyness. It wasn't her scene and now she's reconsidering going.

I posted the following to her and then thought that I should post it here as well, in case some of you had similar concerns.

"I have a few things to say that might help you get a more balanced view of what to expect from Burningman.

To begin with, on that camping trip, you experienced what one of approximately EIGHT THOUSAND camps has to offer. They expect 38,000 people to attend this year.

Burningman is not a RAVE, though there are certainly raves that occur at the event. Burningman isn't a drunken orgy of destruction, though there is sex and inebriation and destruction. The actual Burningman event is incredibly diverse and engaging on several levels, only one of which is drunken carousing.

I think that if you are willing to go and be brave enuf to explore the environment and the panolopy of experiences that Black Rock City has to offer, you would definitely find what you were looking for... and more.

Sure, inebriated fun is attractive to lots of people. Did you know that alongside the innumerable free bars at Burningman, that there is an Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous camp at BRC?

There is a volunteer massage camp that is monitored by volunteers to ensure the safety and peace of mind of both the masseuse and massaged. There is a wellness camp with chiropractors, willing listeners, spiritual guides and free foot rubs.

Twenty four hour dancing is a big draw for lots of people as well, but did you know there are specific neighborhoods set aside specifically for large sound camps, and others defined by their desire for quiet? Camp Hushville is one example.

Did you know there is a large volunteer organization called the Black Rock Rangers made up of vacationing EMT's, Police, Fire and other first responders and concerned Burners whose motto is "making good excuses for your bad behaviour" but whose true purpose is to encourage sanity and safety among the revelry without having to resort to involving the numerous local PD, county Sheriffs and Federal agents that also patrol the city?

There are literally thousands of pieces of Art. Some of which are on a scale that will leave you breathless. And there is a volunteer group called 'Art Guardians' whose purpose is to maintain the physical security of that art while still encouraging it's appreciation.

There are temples, there are body washes, there are participative art projects where you might be the art, or where you can help craft the art. There are dueling domes, there are med tents, there are mirror mazes and chill domes. There are two bellydance camps. A forge. An airport where you can talk your way into flights up above. There are stages where anyone can get up and entertain (and we use the term 'entertain' very loosely).

Burningman is the place I saw the Dresden Dolls perform for the first time. Where I saw Mutaytor. Where I met Rosin Coven.

I karaoked there, I created with plaster of paris, I recited poetry for beer, I dance on the back of a whale and watched the sunrise from beneath a soaring temple. I climbed rickety structures named for their danger, and stood under the burning sun a mile from anything and it was good.

You should go to Burningman. Perhaps you should camp with a different group, but you should most assuredly go to Burningman.
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