Brad Smith (usernamenumber) wrote in burning_man,
Brad Smith

Tips on getting from the Playa to the airport

Hello everyone,

I am trying to plan my first Burning Man experience. I am hoping to arrange transportation from the Reno airport to the event via BM's message boards, but I am a bit stuck on options for getting back. Having decided that a weekend to decompress before returning to work is more important than to me than participating in the actual burn, I am considering returning on Friday, 8/1 (I'm still open to people telling me this is a bad idea, though). I imagine there aren't a lot of others planning to leave then, so I don't think I'll be able to count on ride-sharing. I read something on the BM site about a bus service to Empire and Gerlach. Is there a greyhound station or anything there that I can use to get to the airport? Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you!
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