Limor (ladyada) wrote in burning_man,

Gruesome commercialism!

Hi everyone. I'm a 4yr burner-engineer and I like to build LED blinky stuff. I worked on a bike-spoke LED persistence of vision project for 3 years off&on and finally got it perfected for the last burn where I rode around on an animated PacMan and Ghost chasing each other. (Which was pretty awesome, hopefully this year I'll have like 4 or 5 different colored ghosts, a pacman and a cherry.)

It 60 LEDs (30 on each side, 22 for BMX wheels) in red, yellow, blue or green. Lots of people have been asking me if they can get a set, and I finally have kits for sale. You have to assemble it, but its designed to be very easy and its been heavily playa-tested. There's even a 10% burner discount (use the coupon "jackrabbit").

You can read more about the project at & spend your hard-earned money at

More action shots after the cut!

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