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Socks & tights, oh my!

where is an excellent place to purchase socks & tights?

How about panties?

Funky extras? (jewelery, arm warmers, bikinis, etc.)

as time nears to the burn, i've found that most of my knee socks & tights have been destroyed. Urgh! so, let's hear it -- where do you find your cute socks? tights? bikinis? panties? and i'm aware i could search the net and tribe, but i'm lazy.

Cheaper = better, less corporate = better. Target is a pretty obvious place to go, but most of their tights rip out at the crotch when i put them on because i'm taller than most women and i really prefer not to shop there. The plus sized tights also give me angst because i'm not really large enough for plus sized things anymore, so the tight legs get all deformed after i wear them once. GAH! Tall does not always = fat.

if you've got extra thoughts, please leave in a comment. yay! 2 months, one week til we go home!
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