Unicycle Steve (unicyclesteve) wrote in burning_man,
Unicycle Steve

snake needs a home that cares

Last night I found out that a friends house has a snake in a tank that needs a good home to live in. Their roomie left and abandoned the snake with them. Doesn't want it anymore and told them so when they tried to contact them about it... so they have taken care of it since then but, they don't know what to do...

I have had a few friend/acquaintances that have owned a snake or two, up to this one couple that had a reptile farm in their home.

Sadly I havew no clue right now where that couple live these days.

So here's what I know, the snake is in a 24X12X12 tank. IT looks to be about 36+ inches long i think it's girth is - at most 5 or 6 inches? The scale color pattern makes me curious as to its family-classification; the outside color is of a dark kakhi?, and it has a diamond pattern with (i think I recall) black as one of the inside colors of the diamonds??? I can get pictures of it and its tank... maybe its a python or boa family? I don't know.

This is a no hurry situation as the folks are doing what they can but don't know many folks and don't want to kill it either.
BTW this snake is in the grapevine area.(i hope its okay , i have xposted this to like one or two places)

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